Breach Intelligence

The importance of staying ahead of cybercrime

As cybersecurity threats evolve with unparalleled speed, complexity and impact,

organizations are no longer asking “are we secure?” but “how can we ensure that the

information most important to our business will be secure enough?”

In today’s connected, information-heavy world, a startling new way of viewing the global

business landscape is emerging. Given the mission-critical nature of data in nearly every

aspect of modern enterprise — and the astonishing growth in the cyber criminals who seek

to undermine it — organizations across all sectors are facing not simply escalating risk, but

the near-certainty that they will suffer an information security breach.

In fact, the harsh reality of today’s security environment means that they are

likely to have experienced it already and that, therefore, there are only two kinds

of organization: those that have been breached and know it, and those that remain

dangerously oblivious.

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