The hackers are out there! We all know it. 

Unfortunately, they are very good at their job and most IT departments are not just under-staffed but also under-trained.

Tracc experts have been designing and protecting IT networks for years.  Our expertise is acknowledged by industry experts. Our analysis augments your IT resources and helps you find and correct the existing vulnerabilities in your network before hackers can exploit them.


What is included

  • Network Penetration Testing for Perimeter  

  • Suitable for SOC PCI and HIPAA compliance  

  • One Time Test or Regular Repeat Testing

  • Authentication Testing

  • AD Access control analysis

  • Security Configuration Review  

  • Manual Exploitation  

  • Complete Vulnerability Description  

  • Vulnerability Fix Information  

  • Monthly Automated Scans  

  • Full Testing Reports and Suggested Next Steps

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Public Sector

Private Sector